The Details screen of an asset allows you change various details including the name of the asset and its Status.

The functionality described on this page is generic functionality that applies to majority of the asset types in Squiz Matrix. Some asset types will have additional functionality on their Details screen, and some will have less. Please refer to each asset type's manual to read about its specific Details screen functionality.



This section shows the current Status of the asset and allows you to change its Status.

The available fields are:

Future Status

This section allows you to schedule a Status change for the asset at a date and time in the future. This requires the Scheduled Jobs Manager to be configured on the Squiz Matrix server. If it has not been set up, these fields will not be available.

The available fields are:

Once a Future Status change has been scheduled it will appear in the Scheduled Future Status Changes section.

To delete a Future Status job, check the delete checkbox and click Save.


This section allows you to assign a thumbnail, or related image, to the asset. This thumbnail can be used as content within your site. For example, you can set up an Asset Listing page to display the name and the thumbnail for each page. For more information on the Asset Listing page, refer to the Asset Listing manual.

The available fields are:


This section allows you to change the name of the asset.

The available fields are:

Cascading a Live Status

Sometimes you might want to cascade a status of Live down to all children of an asset.

If you are changing the status of an asset to Live, and tick Cascade, the Live status will not be applied to any child assets that are in a status of Safe Edit or Safe Edit Pending Approval. This is to make sure that no unintended cancelling of Safe Edit changes are made to any child asset.

Likewise, if you cancel a Safe Edit status on an asset and tick Cascade, the asset and its children will be set to Live. However, it will not affect any child assets in Safe Edit.

The same rules apply if you are setting a Future Status.